Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Lens Latest and Fireplace Shock and Awe!

I have been using the replacement Sigma 10-20mm F.4-5.6 for about ten days now and I have to say that while the de-centering problems present on the Mk 1 appear to be entirely absent from this copy, the lens is still not as sharp as I’d like. It may be a case of Emperor’s new clothing but I am constantly having to inspect each image for flaws and am not often disappointed unfortunately. I have got the rest of this weekend to put it through it’s paces and if there is no improvement then back it will go.

Here is one photo I was pleased with, though tellingly it was taken at the 20mm end of the len’s zoom range.

Lately we have been enjoying the warmth of a real coal fire mmmm....
Unfortunately, the other night it popped off the wall for no apparent reason cracking the slate hearth in the process. Thank God it wasn't lit! Consequently, we were left with this less than charming vista, but have been assured that the problem will be rectified leaving no need for re-decoration.

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