Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cobbles at the Mayflower Steps, The Barbican, Plymouth.

A little known fact is that the Barbican in Plymouth is now the largest single expanse of cobbled paving in the United Kingdom. Here's a photo looking towards the Admiral McBride Pub with the Mayflower Steps centre-left. The actual departure point for that famous vesel is thought to be beneath the pub, the commemorative steps only date from 1934. Once again there is some flare but that is to be expected with a lens of this type when shooting into the sun.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Last year in Paris...

That trip was really the last time I used film-Ilford HP5 in a battered old Olypus Tri
p 35. A fantastic camera that can be picked up for nothing. Literally. I wouldn't rule out using it again for old time sake but unfortunately I can no longer process my own films. My photo (left) is of a Mercedes 190SL dating from between 1955-1963.

Bringing things up to date on the right is the retro-styled Mercedes Speedster GW Coupe which is clearly influenced by the Mercedes 300SL Gull-Wing and
£47,000 to you sir!

Two style icons separated by half a century...

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Pictures within pictures: Sigma 10-20mm

I think I really need a few days with the Sigma and I am hoping that this weekend will give me the photo opportunities I am looking for. Anyway, until then I will have to make do with subjects I come across on my way to or from work.

I was looking around for stuff to photograph today but after a long day at work I wasn't really in the mood to hang around waiting for inspiration. Fortunately the wide setting on this lens means that there is loads of room to crop and make selective enlargements of your photographs. In effect you can look for pictures within pictures. This guy took no notice as I snapped away and while the picture will not win me any prizes I am just putting it up to demonstrate the huge field of view!

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